Looking for a higher return on your savings?


The interest paid on savings by banks is negligible.

High interest savings accounts offered by the major banks are virtually non-existent. Anyone who is reliant on their savings to provide regular income needs an alternative investment vehicle.

Introducing the fixed rate investment option from Harewood:

  • High Interest of between 8% & 12% per annum on your savings
  • Fixed rate for the whole term of investment
  • Monthly interest paid
  • Asset backed investment with capital protection
  • Invest from only £5,000
  • 100% approval from hundreds of satisfied clients

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Nearly all other investments offering such an attractive return are subject to fluctuation. The fixed return option from Harewood Associates offers a predictable level of income.

Important Information

All our investments are property related and therefore the Law and Property Acts apply. As we only deal with our own property deals and do not sell or promote others we do not need FCA authorisation. All money which is invested is secured by way of legal charge against a fixed asset. In relation to the FSCS, this is an underwritten guarantee in relation to bank deposits (£85,000) and unsuitable investments from brokers (£50,000). As all our investments are held against an ever increasing fixed asset value, in all cases where we have our own equity tied up. As our investors will always be repaid first, there will always be scope to cover the original investment.